Mozart Sonatas CD

Mozart is my very favorite composer, and his sonatas for piano and violin are some of my favorite music to play with my pianist friends. I always feel so lucky that Mozart wrote so many of them, starting from the late K200s all the way to K500s. Every time I start a reading session with a pianist friend, I feel like a kid in a candy store, we would read one after another. They are all so beautiful, so spirited and so alive, but all in completely different ways! I always feel like I get to know such different sides of who Mozart was through them.

A few years ago, as part of my residency with the Da Camera Society as their Artist in Residence, I curated a series called the Mozart Sonatas Cycle with pianist Orion Weiss, in hope of completing performing all of the Mozart Sonatas! (Did I mention that there were so many of them?) Each concert of the cycle, I would program some of the Mozart Sonatas, along with another major repertoire that I would consider to be the legacy of the inspirations Mozart has left in the history of music. And in the program book, I would write in my own words (with the guidance of my amazing musical confidante: Byron Adams!) the elements and messages that I find the works to share analytically and spiritually, and how I love listening to them myself.